There was a problem while parsing the package and how to fix in android
We as a whole are utilizing applications and games on our cell phones. We download applications from Google Play Store and numerous different assets on the web. However, in some cases while introducing the application, you might be shown the blunder like “Issue parsing the bundle mistake”. The explanation for happening this is you have downloaded .apk from the sources other than the Google Play Store.

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The Reason of There was a Problem while parsing the package

  1. You may have wound down “Permit establishment from obscure assets”
  2. The downloaded .apk isn’t completely downloaded or undermined
  3. The application isn’t viable with the Hardware or form of the OS you are utilizing

How to fix There was a Problem while parsing the package?

We can without much of a stretch take care of the issue. There are 3 potential ways.

  1. Permitting establishment from obscure sources

For the most part we download the applications from the Google Play Store yet in some cases we download the application from different sources and android doesn’t permit us to introduce those applications.

Android Adults Only Apps

To take care of this issue, we need to simply turn on “Permit establishment from different sources”.

Follow these means:

  1. Go to settings on your gadget
  2. Look down and Click on Applications
  3. Check the container of “Obscure sources to permit establishment of non Market Applications”

In the wake of setting these settings, presently attempt to introduce .apk

  1. Assess you APK record

Assuming the above fix doesn’t work, you need to assess .apk record that you have downloaded. Watch that the document is completely downloaded or defiled.

In the event that you have downloaded from somewhere else than Google Play Store, download again from Google play store and afterward attempt to introduce it.

  1. The App isn’t viable with your OS or Hardware

Assuming over two fixes don’t work, plainly the application isn’t viable with your present OS form or not viable with your gadget Hardware. Attempt to introduce it on another Android gadget with higher OS form and better equipment.


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