Where i can find happiness
People seek happiness in different ways. Sometimes it is through money, others might find their source of joy from a hobby or activity they love to do everyday after work. However you decide to spend your time and energy will determine how fulfilled you can be with life on the whole as well as where that sense of fulfillment comes from within yourself since we are responsible for our own state-of-mind generally speaking according to many philosophers like Socrates.

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Everyone wants to be happy. This is a universal truth that applies regardless of where you are from or what your circumstances may be at any given time in history and despite the fact that it’s an often unattainable goal for most people. It can seem very difficult, if not impossible, to find happiness when life throws so many curveballs our way (or even without them), but there are some ways we might try:

Give yourself goals – Setting realistic short-term goals will give us something concrete upon which we can base our plans towards achieving long term contentment while also keeping ourselves busy enough with other things throughout those day-to-day living activities as well so as not overthink about the larger picture too much

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Finding happiness is an adventure. It’s like a treasure hunt, or maybe even more of finding oneself! There are so many places to find it and sometimes you may not know where actually brings the biggest rewards on your entire journey through life. So here I have gathered some ideas for you that brought me lots of joy in my own life experiences: 1) A nice cup of coffee with someone special 2) Dinner at home alone surrounded by candles 3) Watching a sunrise 4). Taking picture from airplane window 5). Reading something interesting 6.) Spending time outdoors 7.) Being kind 8.). Cuddling 9), etc…

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WHERE i CAN FIND HAPPINESS? Finding happiness is an adventure; it’s like a treasure hunt! There

In my experience, where i can find happiness is found in family and friends.

Family can show you unconditional love at the best of times and during difficult moments. Friends provide encouragement when needed it most or just a laugh to make your day better so that’s where I find happiness!


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